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Is A Police Report Required For Getting An Order Of Protection?

No, police reports aren’t required in order to request an order of protection.

Anyone can request an order of protection against anyone else, but they will be required to show some pattern of conduct that warrants the order.

Just because your interactions haven’t resulted in police intervention doesn’t mean that an excessively tumultuous relationship won’t ultimately result in one.

If you’re worried that someone significant to you may seek protection from you, consider your own actions very carefully.

Keep in mind that an order of protection can remove you from your home, keep you away from your children, and prevent any form of contact with a person who may be a spouse, fiance, or family member.

The ramifications will change your life, so if there are ways you can calm a volatile situation, you should do so.

If an order of protection has already been issued, talk to a lawyer about your options.

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