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Is Harassment A Criminal Offense In New York?

There is one harassment charge that is not a criminal offense. Second Degree Harassment in New York is not a felony or misdemeanor charge, just a violation.

Punishment for second degree harassment can include up to 15 days in jail, but you’ll have no criminal record. As a standalone charge, the court will often opt to do nothing at all.

All other harassment charges are criminal offenses, so a First Degree Harassment charge is a B misdemeanor that can result in 90 days in jail.

Aggravated Second Degree Harassment is an A misdemeanor with a maximum sentence of one year. And Aggravated First Degree Harassment is a E felony, carrying the possibility of four years in state prison.

At whatever level you’ve been charged with harassment, you should protect your interest by consulting with an experienced criminal defense attorney.

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