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What’s An ACD In Domestic Violence Cases?

ACD stands for “adjournment in contemplation of dismissal.” Think of it as a way for the court to press the ‘pause’ button on your misdemeanor prosecution, when the judge believes that justice will best be served by doing so.

For domestic violence offenses, agreeing to an ACD means that the court will adjourn, probably for a year, and if you have no other legal trouble during that time period, your charges will be dismissed.

ACD is not probation, and it’s not a guilty plea.

While you should certainly discuss the particulars of your case with your lawyer, for many criminal defendants, ACD is the quickest way to end a criminal prosecution.

If you’re facing misdemeanor charges related to domestic violence and the DA has offered you an ACD, call the criminal defense lawyers at Zelenitz, Shapiro & D’Agostino at 718-599-1111 to learn whether it’s a good solution in your circumstance.