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How Can They Prosecute My Case Without A Signed DIR?

New York state law tilts heavily toward protection of victims when it comes to the prosecution of alleged crimes in the home.

When a person is arrested on a domestic violence charge in New York, police will create – or ask the complaining party to create – a Domestic Incident Report, or DIR.

Here’s where things get tricky for everyone involved: If your spouse, partner, etc., initiated this interaction by calling the police, the police most likely arrested you and began the process of crafting a DIR.

But maybe your significant other had cooled down by the time police asked for a signature, and your spouse declined to sign and asked for the process to stop.

Well, bad news: Prosecutors are obligated to pursue these charges, and even if your partner recants the elements of the DIR, you can still be prosecuted.

These charges cause extreme financial and emotional hardship on families in New York.

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