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What’s The Penalty For Domestic Violence In New York?

New York doesn’t have a single “Domestic Violence” charge.

Rather, New York has opted to create a special Family Court section to address charges of misdemeanor assault, stalking, harassment and other crimes that are alleged to have taken place in the home or against a current or former intimate partner.

Because Domestic Violence crimes carry a variety of charges, there’s no one penalty for domestic violence.

There is, however, a strong likelihood that the court will issue a Temporary Order of Protection, which amounts to a full “stay away” order.

These orders can cripple a family financially and cause serious strain on the relationship between partners and between the restrained party and his or her children.

The Queens criminal attorneys at Zelenitz, Shapiro & D’Agostino know how zealously prosecutors can pursue cases stemming from arguments in the home, even when the parties have worked out their differences.

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